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Fumigators and other pest and weed controllers

Fumigators and other pest and weed controllers use chemicals to remove harmful insects, small animals, wild plants and other unwanted organisms to prevent damage to crops and to buildings and other structures and their surroundings and to prevent health risks.


  • (a) operating and monitoring equipment for spraying pests and weeds
  • (b) mixing chemicals according to instructions
  • (c) covering areas to specified depths with pesticides, applying knowledge of weather conditions, droplet sizes, elevation-to-distance ratios, and obstructions
  • (d) spraying or releasing chemical solutions or toxic gases and setting traps to kill pests and vermin, such as mice, termites, and roaches
  • (e) lifting, pushing, and swinging nozzles, hoses, and tubes in order to direct spray over designated areas
  • (f) filling sprayer tanks with water and chemicals
  • (g) cleaning and servicing machinery to ensure operating efficiency

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